Long ago, the Laenian Empire ruled over all the Wandering Isles, but it’s been many centuries since the isles were close enough together for that to matter. Even on Laenae, once the seat of all that power, the Emperor is week, and his empire at constant risk of breaking up.

Now, though, the other isles are just starting to come once again into sailing-range, and are expected to come even closer over the next few decades and centuries. The Emperor is on his deathbed, and his young heir’s best chance of holding the throne is a voyage out to explore the returning Isles, and to reclaim the ancient symbols of Laenian rule. Powerful magic items said to  bring strength, wisdom, and justice to the bearer: The Sword of Anaeon, the Crown of Thisia, and the Scepter of Isthos.  


Voyage of the the Dawn Star is intended as a 12-16 session long campaign, taking 1st level characters to level 5 or 6 by the end of the campaign.

Voyage of the Dawn Star

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